How To Take Care And Clean Anal Beads?

Anal sex is not something invented by the mankind in the recent years. It has been around there since humans existed and it just got more interesting today. The modern age individuals have options to make it more comfortable and less intimidating. There are sex toys like anal beads and butt plugs that will offer you ample practice before you decide to take a penis in your butt. Anal beads are much smaller in size, but these spheres allow you to know how it feels when something enters in your rectum and how to make it less painful and more enjoyable. 

Anal beads just got better with time. Today’s sex toy manufacturing companies provide much safer and durable anal beads which are intended to make ass play more exciting and thrilling. Hence anal beads are going to be one of your favorite sex toys, you would like to keep them intact for a long time. You need to learn how to take care and clean anal beads so that you can use them for a very long time. So, let’s find out how to maintain anal beads. 

A perfect way of cleaning sex toys:

Follow all the steps listed here to clean anal beads perfectly:

  • Sanitize it:

Anal beads are prepared from different materials. Both porous and nonporous materials are used to build these sex toys. Cleaning sex toys prepared from porous materials can be daunting whereas you can easily clean anal beads prepared from nonporous materials. It is great if you have bought silicone, glass, or steel made anal beads. If you are wondering sanitizing this type of sex toy would be very easy, then you are wrong. 

It is not like pouring anal beads into a solution of mild soap and hot water. You will need special cleaning agent designed to sanitize sex toys. Vaginal sex toys are not covered by a huge amount of bacteria. Therefore, you cannot apply the same sanitizing tactics to clean anal beads. Anal canal cover numerous bacteria on the beads that you need to remove when the anal play is over. You need an antibacterial cleaner that is renowned not only for removing bacteria but also for killing them. 

You can find some great anti-bacterial cleaning agents online designed especially to clean anal sex toys. Get it now and use it every time you enjoy anal play to sanitize your anal beads. 

  • Dry your sanitized sex toy:

Once you have sanitized your sex toy, now is the time to dry it out. If you are wondering to keep it in the air and let it dry on its own, then you should avoid that approach. You are going to need a clean towel to dry out your anal beads. Do not prefer the towel you use on daily basis because cross transmission of bacteria can take place. Buy a new towel and keep it clean to use it on anal beads. There will be no mold and mildew if you perfectly wipe beads and that’s why drying with clean towel is a right solution. 

  • Storing anal beads:

Anal beads are not use-and-throw kind of sex toys. You will love them if you use them perfectly during solo anal play. It will reveal some surprises about anal sex that you have not felt before. Therefore, it is important to preserve your sex toy and store it safely. Here is what you should do. Get a clean bag to store your sex toy or a pouch will also work. Your sex toy will remain intact as long as you store it safely. 

You might be wondering like why should not I put anal beads in the drawer and forget about it once the job is done. The main reason you should not store your anal beads or any other sex toy in drawer is that it will get scrubbed time and again. That regular scrub will remove the smoothness of the outer surface of beads. It will become more difficult to put the beads in and therefore you should use a small bag or pouch to store your sex toys. 

Can you thoroughly clean anal beads after the ass play?

This question might come in your mind if you are concerned about your health. There is no doubt that some bacteria and germs are tough to remove. You can still kill them if your anal beads built from nonporous materials and if you are using reliable sex toy cleaner. Most of the users focus only on beads when cleaning this sex toy. They forget about the string or base that connects all these beads. If beads in your sex toy are connected through a cotton string, it will be very difficult to remove bacteria from that string. 

In order to make cleaning easier and store your sex toy quickly, you should choose anal beads connected through a silicone base. It will be very convenient to clean beads connected through nylon or silicone. So, keep this in mind when buying new anal beads. Bacteria can get wrapped around anal beads due to anal play and also after cleaning. The given cleaning process will help you in ensuring you have removed all the harmful germs that may cause threat. 

Avoid cleaning agents that may harm your sex toy:

Companies are producing special cleaning products for sex toys. If you consider these products as a waste of money, you are not considering their features properly. Normal cleaning products like detergent are formulated by including harsh cleaning chemicals to clean tough objects like ceramic, steel, and aluminum made objects. You cannot apply the same chemicals to clean delicate anal beads made from silicone, rubber, or other such materials. 

Follow each suggestion given in this post if you want to preserve your anal beads carefully and use them for a long time. Beads will remain smooth, clean, and ready for reuse if you follow our suggestions and use top quality cleaning agents to clean your sex toy. 

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